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Angels are the one whom we call the fairies, prophets, the ones we call Gods and Goddesses, the ones we call the messengers of God. Angels are spiritual beings created by God to serve mankind. They are very powerful beings who function as God's messengers. Although we do not know for what angels look like. Angels are magnificent creatures, they are not at all like that we see in some Renaissance art angels, they are assistant of God, an Angel is a light. Angel is a power, an energy. Angel is your friend who is always there to help you.
How to protect us?
Angels are sent by the almighty to protect us. We are given protection and shelter by the angels. By their ability to assist us in our redemption from sins and being gifted by eternal life in heaven.
Angels protect us, bring protection to the home and loved ones.
Spiritual Protection: angels are always working behind the scenes in your life to protect you from evil.
Physical Protection: Angels also work to protect you from physical danger.
Angels always protect children. Like a mother protect her children, angels have the same intensity of love and affection towards childrenThey are the best protecters to children.
To connect with the Angel and taking their help you can contect us or click this link
We provide free Healing and Meditation on every Thursday for everyone. To attend the session and for more information please call on the below numbers.
9711814500, 9811814500, 9911814500
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