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For Real Estate Agents and Investors - Burlington August 24th, 2016


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It is prudent for all real estate professionals and Landlords for be fully aware of and comprehend their role under the Residential Tenancies Act.
Our goal is to assist in meeting that obligation.
This 6 hour course, designed specifically for real estate professionals, is presented with “legal speak” re-moved. It’s clear and simple language makes this course a protective guide for the real estate professional when navigating residential income property transactions.
The attendee will learn what the responsibilities and obligations of being a realtor involved with the purchase, sale, management or rental of residential income property in Ontario are.
Each participant will be given a comprehensive workbook that will serve as a valuable reference tool long after the course has been completed.
The following is a list of topics to be covered during our presentation;
• Residential Tenancy Law in Ontario, a brief history
• The Residential Tenancies Act, 2006, its’ purpose and who does it apply to?
• The Ontario Human Rights Code
• What a landlord cannot do and what a landlord must do.
• Offences and Fines
• Renting, the application process, rules and paperwork
• Leases, types and what they must include.
• Notifications & requirements of giving same to tenants PRIOR to the tenant moving in.
• Entering the rented premises, in emergencies, to show the unit to prospective tenants & purchasers and more
• Rent Increases
• Evictions, including termination for landlords’ or pur-chasers’ own use
• utilities smart meters, rules and required notifications to tenants
Upon completion of the course the real estate professional will have acquired the tools and knowledge required to confidently and competently represent their clients and protect themselves when dealing with the complex, ever increasing rules, regulations and guidelines that govern the landlord tenant relationship in Ontario.
The course is $99.95 per registrant plus HST
For more information or to reserve a seat please contact us at [email protected]
BROKER/OWNERS we offer exclusive in house courses. Contact us for a quote.
Please note:
Landlord Tenant Matters respects the industry guidelines and governance of RECO’s educational mandate.
Our mission is to educate and coach Ontario real estate agents and landlords so they may have peace of mind when navigating and understanding the rules of tenancy in Ontario. Due to the nature of this training, the program has been fortunate to attract landlords who are also real estate practitioners and real estate practitioners that serve and work for the best interests of landlord investment clients.

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